CRY has a dedicated bereavement support programme to support families after the tragedy of the sudden cardiac death of a young person aged 35 or under.

So many people have contacted CRY wondering if there are others they could talk to who have suffered similarly. No matter how much professional support is offered (either medical or therapeutic), sometimes just speaking to someone who has been through a similar experience, or reading their personal stories, helps the most. CRY’s Founder, Alison Cox, developed the CRY Bereavement Support Programme with this in mind.

CRY has a network of Bereavement Supporters who have themselves been affected by a young sudden cardiac death. They have completed a two-year British Association of Counselling (BAC) accredited course so that they can offer support, over the telephone, to others.

As well as emotional support, CRY also offers clinical support through expert pathology and expert cardiology.

It is advised that all first-degree relatives undergo cardiac testing following a sudden cardiac death, and it is important that the family is seen by an expert cardiologist. CRY can offer advice about family screening after a tragedy.

If you would like to speak about bereavement support or would like advice about expert pathology or cardiology, please contact CRY’s support team on 01737 363222 or email


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