To make a referral concerning a sudden cardiac death with an unascertained cause of death: Contact the CRY CCP Secretarial Office Contact the CRY Centre Cardiac Pathology
Tel: 020 8725 5113
Fax: 02087255139

After contacting us for the new referral forms (using details above), please send specimens to:

Prof M N Sheppard
Goods In
Site Services
St George’s University of London
Cranmer Terrace
London SW17 0RE

With permission:
Families are increasingly prepared to give permission for this fast-track service which aims to return the heart in 2 weeks in time for burial. It is extremely helpful if the coroner requests permission for the whole heart to be sent as this greatly facilitates the accuracy of the diagnosis.

However, if the family only give permission for tissue to be taken from the heart at autopsy it will be stored at the CRY CCP at St George’s Hospital.

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